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Sale/Auction: Allweiler Pump NEW

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Allweiler Model S.F280ER46U12.1W 3 Screw Hydraulic Oil Pump

N 333.5-335 l/min

H 1750 l/min

V 220-1000 mm2/s

Pump is NEW 



Pumped liquid

Hydraulic oils, synthetic hydraulic liquids, native oils, lubricating oils

Main fields of application

For generation of pressure in oil-hydraulic systems, lubricating oil supplying, transfer pump, general industrial technologies

Performance data Series SF

Capacity Q up to 55 l/min
Inlet pressure ps up to 1 bar
Discharge pressure pd up to 100 bar
Differential pressure pdiff up to 100 bar
Viscosity v up to 3..760 mm²/s
Fluid temperature t up to 80 °C
Speed n up to 3600 1/min

Construction features

  • Submerged design
  • In-tank installation
  • Horizontal installation
  • Self - priming

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