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Sale/Auction: Beloit M50 Low Pulse Primary Screen (GL&V)

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 Beloit M-50


Beloit Model M-50

Serial Number: SM-203

Shop Order: 842116A-62

Stock: HW-SW Kraft

% Consistency: 0.34-.59% (Accepts)

Accepts Flow: 17,200 GPM

LPM: 65,109

Rated: 15-26,000 GPM

Continuous Rejects Flow:  532 GPM

Screen has a 10 foil design, .070 DH,

14% Open Area.

Hole Size: .070

Foil Setting: 0.090

RPM: 180

115 psi

Screen is 316SS

The M-Screen balanced flow through cylinder optimizes capacity and minimizes slime buildup. It's horizontal designed permits floor-level access and reduces headroom requirements.

 The Beloit M Series low pulse screen features peak-to-peak pulsation of less than 0.05 psi and a minimum foil frequency of 30 Hz. In addition, the standard screen design operation rating is 100 psig, with heavy-duty designs available at up to 150 psig. With the M Series, cylinder and accepts zone are polished to a “cottonball” finish.

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