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Sale/Auction: Black Clawson Hydrapurge 3 Detrasher (Rebuilt)

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 Black Clawson 48-3000


Black Clawson Hydrapurge lll Detrasher (Recently Rebuilt)

Model: 48-3000

Rotor Diameter: 48"

Max Capacity: 9000 GPM

HP: 100

 Serial: SNC-1487-C

Job Number: S7914/4403

Inlet Dia: 20

Accept Dia: 20

Bottom Discharge Dia: 20

Top Discharge Diameter: 12

152.8L x  72W x 108.92H

The Black Clawson Hydrapurge lll extractor detrasher is designed to extract the stock from a batch pulper while at the same time entrapping and concentrating contaminants. The stock is drawn from the pulper tub thorugh a large valve located at the bottom of the pulper tub, passes through the perforations in the extraction plate in the Hyrapurge lll and is sentto process. Heavy and light contaminants in the stock are retained in the body of the Hydrapurge lll. The specially designed non-attrition four blade Hydrafoil rotor provides evenly mixed extracted stock, keeps the extraction plate from binding and prevents contaminants breakdown. After the stock has been extracted, the contaminants are washed and dumped from the Hydrapurge ll. Alternately, the washed contaminants can be discharged from the top of the Hydrapurge lll to a remote dewatering device. By combining the extraction and detrashing functions in one operation, the batch cycle time is reduced, increasing system production.

Why use the Hydrapurge lll

Keeps pulper tub clean, providing pre-screened extracted stock.        Extraction and detrashing functions performed simultaneously.          Decreases Cycle Time                                                                          Increases System Capacity                                                                Upward Sloping bottom of Hydrapurge lll provides rotor protection from heavy debris.                                                                                 Jacking mechanism moves drive assembly back providing 2 feet of space for easy rotor and bedplate maintenance.

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