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Sale/Auction: Flowserve Model 10HDX27B API 600 Pump (New in Crate)

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 Flowserve API 600


Flowserve Model 10HDX27B API 610 Pump (New in Crate with Motor)

 GPM: 3879.8

Headt FT: 650

SP. Gravity: 0.73

Power 738 HP

RPM: 1791

Customer Order: 987-PO205-6-2-1AC

Line Bearing: 6217C3

Thrust BRG: 7217

MAWP:  530

Test Press PSI: 914

Des Yemp: 750F

Year: 2009

Item: 2056-302 A

Material Construction is:  S02 CAGNM

Motor: RelianceDuty Mater 900 HP Designed for Temps to -45C

Motor is Arctic Duty

Volts: 4000

RPM: 1791

Frame: 35B G40Z

Amps: 116

HZ: 60

S.F. 1.15

Ph: 3

Code: F

Amb: 40 C

Duty: Cont. 


Ins. Class: F

Nema Nom EFF: .96.3%  FL  PF: 82%  LR AMPS: = 709 LNE

Suitable for Ambients To: -45 Deg C



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