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Sale/Auction: Lamort Size IV Batch Scavenger

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 Lamort Model 4


One (1) used Lamort/Fiberprep Size IV Batch Scavenger (Poire).
Model SJB 4 
All stainless steel construction.,S/N SJB- 121 
Belt driven by a 200 HP motor. 
Last used in a 200 TPD deinking line in conjunction with a 16' diameter Lamort/Fiberprep hi-consistency Helico pulper. 
Also suitable in OCC, double lined kraft, and virgin pulp applications. 
Use of Lamort batch scavengers reduces downstream equipment requirements. 
This machine is in very good condition.


One (1) used Lamort Fiberprep Size IV batch Poire/Scavenger with belt drive and electric motor. All Stainless Steel construction with rotor and extractor plate. Used to remove large contaminants to reduce downstream equipment requirements.

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