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Sale/Auction: Nash TC-5 two Stage Vacuum Pump SS

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 Nash TC-5-5


Gardner Denver Nash Two Stage Vacuum Pumps

Model TC-5/5

Unit is CF3M Stainless Steel

Test: 0210383

RPM: 1170

Year: 2002

Designed to Operate in Harsh Conditions

The line of TC two stage liquid ring pumps is our second generation of two stage pumps designed specifically for the condenser exhaust duty. The integral two stage impeller is designed to reach vacuum levels down to 0.8 inHgA (30 mbar abs), approximately 40% lower absolute pressure than a single stage pump. 

TC liquid ring vacuum pumps were created for the chemical, petrochemical, and power industries. TC pumps, with their integral two stage rotors, are able to condense vapors that come off the process and to recover or dispose of them. 

Conical Porting and Rotor Configuration

Patented in 1932, Nash’s variable conical porting design allows the force of compression to counter the weight of the rotor and shaft to help minimize load on bearings during operation. The variable porting optimizes pump performance across the entire operating range. With constant innovation, Nash’s patented design features:

  • Option for lobe purge to minimize damage from erosion in duties with solids present
  • Large differential pressure capability
  • Gas scavenging feature minimizes slip of gas from discharge to inlet improving capacity, especially at deep vacuum
  • High liquid carryover tolerance
  • Side discharge to minimize chance of flooded start
  • Self-priming design may allow elimination of booster pump in recirculated systems

Reliable and Efficient with Proven Performance

TC pumps offer superior performance and reliability through the proven reliable conical liquid ring pump design. The TC's rotor blades are shrouded to improve strength and reliability. 

Patent-pending anti-cavitation technology is available in all TC models and can double useful pump life in cavitation prone operations. The two stages of the TC pump are set up so that the forces on the shaft due to compression in each stage are opposed to reducing the load on the bearings. 

Looking for NASH parts, service or repairs? The TC pump model is available for quick shipment in most regions and is a part of our Unit Exchange program for pump swap out. Contact NASH Certified Service for spare parts and pump availability and pricing.


TC Capacity Chart
  • Suction Capacity: 100 to 2,200 ACFM (170 to 3,700 m3/h)
  • Vacuum Range: to 0.8 inHgA (to 30 mbar abs.)
  • Shaft Seals: Stuffing Box (standard), Mechanical Seals (single acting/ double acting) or Cartridge on request
  • Materials of Construction: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 
Two Stage, TC

Capacity 100 to 2,200 ACFM (170 to 3,700 m3/h)

The NASH TC two stage liquid ring vacuum pump series offer highly reliable and efficient solutions for power, chemical and petrochemical applications. Designed to handle large amounts of liquid carryover without difficulty, the TC pump delivers reliable, long-lasting performance under the most demanding applications. Available in 9 models, the capacities of the TC pumps range from about 100 to 2,200 ACFM (170 to 3,700 

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