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Sale/Auction: Sulzer Ahlstrom Ahlmix Chemical Mixers

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2000 Ahlstrom AM25-15FS


A890 Duplex Stainless Steel 

This Mixer was firat introduced in 1996 as the Ahlmix FS, Gas Mixing Concept.

The Ahlmix Chemical Mixer is used side by side with the MC Pump

Ahlmix Chemical mixer is a medium consistency chemical mixer designed for mixing both gaseous and liquid bleaching chemicals into paper stock. The rotor of the mixer fluidizes the stock together with the casing turbulence generators, thus disrupting the fiber network and resulting in optimum mixing, with no gas separation. through the lower section of the storage tower and pumped further to the desired location at low consistency. White water from the paper machine can be segregated and two paper machines can be  from one common storage tower.

The unique three-dimensional turbulence zone prevents the separation of gas. An homogeneity of 5 to 10 % is normally considered acceptable; new SX chemical mixer reaches an inhomogeneity value ofas  low as 3 to 6 %.

The fluidized staof the stock can be effectively utilized to mix various chemicals with the stock. This is done separately with the Ahlmix chemical Mixer. The degassing capacity of the MC pump improves the efeectiveness of mixing of most chemicals. The efficient mixing within the pump normally shortens the necessary reaction time considerably.

Chloride Dioxide: For the the mixing of C102 a separate Ahlmix chemical mixer is recommmended.

Oxygen: When mixing oxygen, the best results can be obtained by an Ahlmix Chemical Mixer. Oxygen is introduced into the stock through the oxygen feeder.


Serial Number:

00461232 822-3603


  • Size:

    1581 USGPM
  • Speed:

    1780 GPM

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