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Sale/Auction: Sunds Defibrator Disc Knotter

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1993 Sunds Defibrator DKB-80


 Sunds Defibrator Disc Knotter, Model DKB-80. Slotted – 3mm, 6 bars. 400 tpd. Serial 26570 Material of construction: 316/SSThis is a pumpthrough pressure knotter used to eliminate knots and un-cooked chips in the pulp. Designed for hot stock screening, it offers a totally closed system from blow tank to drum washers or from diffusion washer to fine screening system.
The working principle is based on the properties of fluidized suspensions. At high velocity the acceptable pulp is forced through fine slots between rotating and fixed surfaces. There are no screen plates. Since no thickening occurs no dilution water is needed.

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