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Sale/Auction: Voith Sulzer Size 12 Combisorter

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 Voith Sulzer Sz 12 Combisorter


Voith Sulzer size 12 Combisorter Screen

Serial: 21124

Year: 1998 

With 125 HP Motor 

Combisorter CSM The reject screen for low fiber loss CombisorterTM is a continuously operated reject screen. With very high consistency in the reject discharge, no further thickening machine is required. At the same time, fiber loss is reduced to a minimum due to its high efficiency. Due to the good screening efficiency a feed forward system with the accept stock is possible. Customer benefits + High throughput with continuous operation + Low wear due to basalt lining of the enclosure + Largely fiber-free rejects + Simple control via the feed pressure 1 Principle Combisorter CSM 2 Combisorter CSM 1 2 

Combisorter CSM – The reject screen for low fiber loss 1129 en 03 l Technical data and graphical representations used in this document are subject to change without notice! Areas of application The Combisorter is used in hole screening or as intermediate screen in combi-screening. Sizes Worldwide there are 3 sizes with final stage production quantities* from ca. 50 to 200 metric tons / 24 h. * Depending on stock composition, consistency, contaminant and flake content, etc. Options and possible combinations Raw material quality is addressed by the use of suitable rotors. Maintenance intervals and services Voith offers a comprehensive repair and optimization program for the screen basket, screen plate, the upper and lower part of the enclosure, cylinder rotor, rotor blade and orifice with deflector strips. The technical customer service center is available for further information and specific advice. References Over 400 machines are successfully in use worldwide. 

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