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Sale/Auction: GL&V Tri-Phase Mixer (NEW)

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 GL&V 500


GL&V/Beloit Model 500 Tri-Phase Mixer

Serial 99H1247

Ports: 12" x 12"

Unit is high grade SS

1 GL&V Impco SS Tri-Phase mixer, model 500. 
Designed for mixing chloride dioxide or hydrogen
peroxide into liquid pulp at
4%-14% OD consistency. The capacity at 4% is 500
ADMt/d and at 14% is 900 ADMt/d. 75 hp at 1780 rpm. 

Unit is New or Rebuilt

 The TRI-Phaseª Mixer is an efficient and compact

design for mixing liquid bleaching chemicals

primarily chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and hydrogen

peroxide (H2O2). The mixer design is for medium

consistency applications, and with larger

sizing allows for low consistency applications.

The mixer was designed using state-of-the-art

computer aided design equipment including

Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite

Element Analysis (FEA). This process produced

an efficient, well conceived design.

From initial purchase and installation to operation

and maintenance, the TRI-Phase Mixer provides

a cost effective means of efficient bleach chemical


 Three Mixing Zones in One Mixer

The design of the compact TRI-Phase Mixer

accomplishes all three critical steps necessary

for efficient mixing with minimal drive horsepower,

pressure drop and additional equipment


These steps occur in three mixing zones:

¥ Predistribution of chemical at the dynamic


¥ Macro-Mixing along the rotor vanes.

¥ Micro-Mixing across the perforated housing.

Design Features

¥ Compact installation

¥ Low maintenance

¥ Simple, single point, full diameter chemical

inlet minimizes pluggage

¥ Angular orientation can be changed to fit piping


¥ All inclusive stand alone unit, no additional

valves, controls etc. required

¥ Designed for new installation or retrofit

¥ V-belt drive

¥ Available in three sizes, covering production

ranges up to 2500 adtpd

Process Advantages

¥ Low power requirements (<1.5 kWh/adst)

¥ Low pressure drop system (<5 psi)

¥ Efficient and even chemical distribution in a

stand alone unit

¥ Consistency range of 4.0 - 18% (od)



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