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Sale/Auction: Thermorex Type 90-5 Transfer Feed Pump (NEW)

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 Maag 90-5


Maag Thermorex Transfer Feed Pump Type 90-5  ASA

Specific Volume CM3/Rev: 371

Capacity M3/Day: 62-250

Year: 12/97

Order: 50021260-90

Item No: 84038


Polymer processes require pumps which will constantly and reliably feed oligomers and prepolymers through the system. The pump design is highly suitable for low-viscosity applications. The thermorex® TRP and TRO eliminates the need for pressurized vessels/reactors. The high effi ciency and long service life will enhance your production plant’s capacity

 Your benefits ¡ Excellent fill behaviour due to optimized inlet geometries ¡ Optimized fl ow channels ¡ Completely heated ¡ High overall efficiency, minimized friction thanks to pioneering gear and bearing technology ¡ Low pulsation pumping even at high differential pressures ¡ Compact design

 Typical pumping media ¡ Cellulose acetate ¡ Elastomers ¡ Epoxy resin ¡ Phenolic resin ¡ Polyacrylicnitrile ¡ Polyamide ¡ Polycarbonate ¡ Polybutylene Teraphthalate ¡ Polyethylene Teraphthalate ¡ Polymethylmethacrylate ¡ Polypropylene ¡ Polystyrene (incl. ABS, EPS) ¡ Polysulphone ¡ Silicone ¡ SBR Latex ¡ And others

 Technical specifications: Housing, cover: Stainless steel Gear shafts: Nitrided steel/tool steel Bearing: Tool steel/special materials Shaft seals: ¡ Stuffing box for oligomer applications ¡ vispac® ¡ Single mechanical seal, heated ¡ Double mechanical seal with barrier system ¡ vislip® ¡ Magnetic coupling Pump heating: Heated with oil: max. 350°C, at max. 15 bar with saturated or superheated steam: max. 40 bar Installation: The thermorex® TRO/TRP gear pump can be flanged directly as a transfer pump under the reactor or mounted in-line Viscosity*: TRO: to 5 Pas; TRP: to 60 Pas Temperature: To 350°C Suction side: Pumped media flow under vacuum or at an admission pressure to 10 bar Delivery side: Discharge pressure to 160 bar

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