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Sale/Auction: Voith Contaminex CM 20 Trash Pump REBUILT-SOLD!

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 Voith Trashex-Size 2


Mill Hill Enginering (Voith Copy Contaminex trash Pump)

Trashex Size 2

Unit is Rebuilt 

The trashex is designed as a virtually clog less pump, but with the added benefit of a rotor designed to defibre the stock, thereby assisting the fibre recovery from any following equipment. The Trashex is suitable for operation with either batch or continuous pulpers. When operating with a batch pulper, the trashex is only run when as much stock as possible has been accepted through the rotor screen plate. Then operating with a continuous pulper, adjustable timers control the Trashex, the frequency of operation being determined by the degree of stock cleanliness. This removes a portion of the furnish for screening/cleaning, thereby continuously cleaning the pulper.

The Trashex consists of a fabricated mild steel body and strengthened stainless steel lined door. The stainless steel rotor is mounted on an EN8 driveshaft, carried on anti-friction bearings housed in a mild steel bearing cartridge.

Pumping of highly contaminated stock flows

Highly contaminated stock flows in the pulping system for recovered paper can only be pumped reliably and largely free of blockages using a special pump. Whether in LC or HC system, Contaminex pumps the critical contaminants to the next machine very reliably in both systems, TwinPulp and PreClean.

Featuring large nozzle diameters and a free-flow impeller, Contaminex is designed for plug-free pumping of stock flows with a high proportion of contaminants. The impeller has a long service life thanks to its hard facing. A frequency converter offers the possibility for optimized pump speed and reduced energy consumption for intermittent pumping operation.

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