Gyrol 126-CL-2 Fluid Drive

Gyrol 126-CL-2 Fluid Drive

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Gyrol 126-CL-2 Fluid Drive

Min RPM: 750

Max RPM: 1800

Min HP: 2

Max HP: 75

Unit is Rebuilt

GY´ ROL FLUID DRIVES SAVE ENERGY G ´yrol Fluid Drives can help reduce your energy consumption by providing infinitely variable speed control and light load starting. By using G ´yrol Fluid Drives on a fan it can be operated at the correct speed to achieve the desired air volume rather than operating at maximum speed and throttling the fan by using vanes or dampers. Similar power savings can be realized on centrifugal pumps and compressors or any other variable torque application. HOW GY´ ROL FLUID DRIVES WORK G ´yrol Fluid Drives transmit power smoothly and without shock, using a vortex of hydraulic oil. Oil particles are rotationally accelerated in the impeller which is connected to the motor. The rotational energy of the oil from the higher speed input rotor is transferred to the output rotor as the oil circulates between them. There is no mechanical connection between the input and output shafts. By varying the amount of oil in the working circuit the G ´yrol Fluid Drive provides infinitely variable speed control. This can be done while the machine is in operation and can be set for manual or automatic speed control. A circulating pump in the G ´yrol Fluid Drive moves oil from the housing reservoir through a heat exchanger to remove excess, heat then returns it to the working elements. Varying the quantity of oil in the working circuit through the use of a scoop tube varies the output speed. All moving parts are either submerged in oil or pressure-lubricated. The same oil transmits power, removes heat and lubricates. G ´yrol Fluid Drives are simple, dependable and can transmit energy from the motor to the load at 98% efficiency or better.

 Provides infinitely variable speed control over a wide range, up to 5:1 on variable torque loads and 4:1 on constant torque loads • Provides no load starting, making it possible to use the most economical motor and starter • Enables the use of simple, normal starting torque induction motors • Eliminates power waste. By matching speed to load you can operate your equipment at the proper speed for proper flow at any time • Can transmit power at over 98% efficiency • Naturally limits torque to protect equipment • Controls acceleration and deceleration, saving wear and tear • Isolates the load from the driver • Reduces maintenance, wear and noise • Absorbs shock and torsional vibration • Suitable for variable or constant torque applications • Can be used indoors or out, even in severe environments • Lower cost of installation and operation than other types of variable speed controllers • Does not require periodic software upgrades • Small footprint GY´ ROL FLUID DRIVE APPLICATIONS • Fans and Blowers • Pumps • Conveyors • Crushers and Ball Mills • Mixers • Extruders • Centrifuges