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Privacy Policy

Our main goal in collecting personal information is to
provide you with a seamless, failsafe and customized
experience. You agree we may use your information to
prevent potential illegal activities, to provide the
support and service for efficient use and transacting,
and to keep you informed about all our new features
and updates.

Our site requires registered buyers, sellers and
people submitting job postings and notices to give us their
contact and personal information so you can access and
use the tools to proceed with your transactions. We do
not get information from you unless you provide us
with the information. We only use this information to
assist you in your transactions.

We may collect and store your information for the
following information:

Contact information, email address, sometimes
financial credit cards or bank information for
providing seamless transaction capabilities.

Transaction information based on your account
activity, buying, selling and hits you generate from
your lisitngs.

Billing shipping information you provide when shipping
an item.

Computer sign in information so you can keep track of
enquiries, page views and traffic.

We in no way solicit, distribute or provide your
information to any customer outside of the necessary
information needed to complete a transaction.

We want to provide you with the utmost respect and
confidentiality when you submit your information and
will only be provided at your discretion to fulfill
your customary business transacting needs, however
customer information may be transferred as a part of a
sale of all or part of our business or assets.

You may also remove your information and/or listing at
any time for any reasons you deem necessary and your
information will be immediately terminated from our

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