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Sale/Auction: Thune SP45L Screw Press

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 Thune SP45L


Voith Thune SP45L Screw Press with Motor and Reducer

 Nominal Capacity: 50-120 bdmtpd

Height: 1160 mm

Length: 4160 mm

Width: 950 mm

Net Weight: 3200 kgs

 The different capacities of each ThuneTM screw press, varying from 10 to 1000 metric tons/day with discharge stock consistencies of around 30%, ensure excellent dewatering performance for many different operating conditions. The screw press can be used for a variety of dewatering and washing applications in mechanical, recycled and chemical pulp processes. Voith has experience with all relevant pulp and paper applications and has been the market-leading supplier of screw press technology since 1919.

 Customer benefits
+ The pneumatic counter pressure system features pistontype individual baffles. This combined with a mechanically adjusted cone ring ensures a high and even discharge consistency.

+ The drill pattern of the screens and the close tolerances between the screw flight and the screens prevent blocking.

+ Improved hard facing on the screw flight significantly reduces wear. + The split screen in the high compression zone enables easy screw flight inspection and maintenance.

+ The shaft screen (for non-pressurized screw presses) in the high compression zone increases and evens out the discharge consistency. + The screw press is available with a mechanical or hydraulic drive.

+ The press screw geometry is custom-designed for different pulp types and applications.

+ Automatic torque control regulates screw speed according to the process variations to keep a high and constant discharge consistency. 

Areas of application The fiber screw presses are installed as key component for pulp dewatering, washing processes and water loop separations. They can handle a variety of different pulp types and are installed in many different applications.

 Inlet cons.:                          2%

Outlet cons.:                       25%

CSF:                                    300 – 400

Temp:                                 60 deg C

pH:                                      5,5 - 8,0


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