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Sale/Auction: Black Clawson Model 12P & 24P Selectifier Screens

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 Black Clawson 12P & 24P


Kadant Black Clawson Models 12P & 24P Selectifier Screens with Bases and Motors

Units are 316SS

Perfect for a smaller machine as your primary Headbox and secondary Screens.

 Black Clawson 24P Screen  Operating Specifics:
• Acceptance though flow: Up to 75 TPD
• Feed stock consistency: 1.0 - 1.5 %
• Slot width: As reqluired
• Screen dimentsion: Inside Diameter 603, Height 632
• Total screen area: 1.20 m2
• Rotor type: Multi Foil rotor
• Motor rated power: 30 Kw
• Operating pressure 2.5 bar
• Outlet pressure: 1.2 bar
• Pressure drop: 0.3 bar Features:
• Casing with inlet, Outlet and reject branches
• Lightweight contaminant


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