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Sale/Auction: (2) AUMA SG05.1 Electric Valve Actuators - NEW SURPLUS - SOLD!

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 AUMA SG05.1


Qty 2: AUMA Model: SG05.1 Quarter-Turn Electric Actuator. Motor: SK50-2/60 (70:1), Power Supply: 120 Volts/ 1 Phase / 60 Hertz. HP: 1/6, RPM: Var., FLA: 3.0, LRA: 6.0, NEC: C, Duty (Minutes): 10, NEMA Rating: 4, Oper. Time: 60 (sec), Torque Output: 110 Ft.-Lbs., Stroke: 90 Degrees, Dir. to Close: CW, 4 GTLS - 16 Contacts, MDPI, RWG1 Position Transmitter (4-20 mA Output), with 5K Ohm Potentiometer. Motor Controls: Basic Compact with GE Reversing Starters, Transformer/Power Supply (110 VAC),
Pushbuttons (O/S/C), Indicating Lights (O/-/C), Selector Switch (L/O/R) with Aux. Contact in Remote. Wiring Diagram: A001086E02, Rev. 0, Outline Drawing: SD015000, rev. 3. Output Drive Type: Coupling (Machined). , Output Drive/Mounting Flange Drawing: S0000030, Rev. 4

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